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Aniseed Twist

A very old traditional boiled sweet - twist shaped and packed full of aniseed flavour.

Also available in sugar free.


Army & Navy

Originally known as paregoric, this liquorice flavoured tablet is lovely and soothing.

Blackberries & Raspberries

Blackberry and raspberry flavour hard boiled sweets.

Cough Candy Twist

If you're suffering with a sore throat this is the sweet for you!

It's lovely and soothing with a herbal flavour.

Also available in Sugar Free.


Fizzy Cherry Cola

A delicious hard boiled cherry cola sweet that fizzes all the way to the centre!

Gray's Herbal Tablets

Crystalised tablet-shaped herbal sweets with a sugar coating that soothe your sore throat.

In fact, these are so delicious that even when you're 100% healthy you won't be able to resist.

The working-man's -- and working-woman's -- favourite!


Lemon Crystal

Lemon flavoured sherbet - all you need is a lolly (or your finger) to dip into it!

Lion Fruit Salad

These firm gummy sweets are full of flavour, with natural colourings and flavourings.

Little fruity shapes, but no liquorice!


Lion Midget Gems

These hard-yet-chewy sweets contain the original recipe and the most delicious fruity flavours, with bonus black liquorice ones!

Lion Wine Gums

Exactly as Wine Gums should be; hard, chewy gums packed with flavour. Made with natural colourings and flavourings.


Hard pastel coloured candy sweets threaded onto elastic.

A great party bag filler or perhaps just an edible accessory!


Pear Drops

Who remembers their grandparents always having these in their pockets?

A delicious pear flavoured pink and yellow hard boiled sweet, perfectly dusted with sugar. A real classic!