Novelty Sweets

We have a fantastic selection of novelty sweets. From classic sherbet double dips and rainbow drops to your very own jelly jungle pizza, we can guarantee that you will have fun choosing, buying and eating these crazy candies!

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Alien Giant Spray

These spray bottles are filled with liquid candy in sour fruit flavours.

They're out of this world!


Anglo Bubbly

Retro bubblegum at its finest, these will take you back to your childhood.

The best bubble gum you can get: big bubbles, big flavour!


Assorted Lollies

Colourful lollies in all kinds of fruity flavours.

Baby Bottles

Brightly coloured plastic bottles containing sour powder and a vanilla top to dip into it.

Great for baby showers!


Black Jack Stick Pack

Chewy aniseed flavour sweets that turn your tongue black!

One of the best classic British sweets.


Brain Licker

All different sour flavours, these brain lickers change the colour of your tongue.

It sounds weird, but these work a little bit like a roll-on deodorant!


Chupa Chup Lollies

Assorted fruit flavoured lollipops.

Clicker Pops

Lollies with a whistle one end and a 'clicker' the other, perfect for party bags!

Cotton Bubble Gum

Tutti frutti flavoured candy floss which changes into bubble gum.

Dip Dabs

A sherbet dip with a strawberry flavour lolly.

A real retro classic!


Double Dip

Two fizzy sherbets (orange and cherry flavour) with a cola flavoured swizzelstick to dip into them!

Double Lollies

Fruity flavoured chalky textured lollies. A blast from the past!