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Delicious twisty sticks of black liquorice. An old British favourite!

Black & White Mints

Layers of soft liquorice sandwiched between mint candy paste. Traditional and tasty stripy cubes!

Catherine Wheels

Long laces of black liquorice wrapped around a bobbly pink, yellow or blue jelly button!

Cherry Wheels

Cherry flavoured liquorice rolled into a wheel.

Coconut Rolls

Soft pink and yellow coconut rolls filled with black liquorice.

Jelly Buttons

Pink and blue aniseed flavoured jellies with a bobbly sugar coating.

Lion Liquorice Gums

The original hard liquorice gum. Made with natural colourings and flavourings.

These little black tablets will take you back!


Lion Poor Bens

Original liquorice gums made by Lion.

Liquorice & Blackcurrant

A hard boiled blackcurrant sweet with a chewy, liquorice centre.

Purple and black, and individually wrapped, this is a classic combination of flavours!


Liquorice Allsorts

A very classic liquorice mixture, consisting of liquorice jelly buttons, coconut wrapped around liquorice, pure liquorice pieces and liquorice with fondant. Delicious!

Liquorice Comfits

A chewy liquorice centre with a colourful crisp sugar coating - delicious!

Liquorice Cream Rock

Shiny black liquorice pieces with a pretty fondant centre.