Jelly Sweets

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Little fruity jelly blackberries and raspberries with a crunchy layer of bobbly sugar.

Cherry Wheels

Cherry flavoured liquorice rolled into a wheel.

Dolly Mixture

The one and only Dolly Mixture - an old favourite with a selection of the soft ones, the hard square ones and those little jellies covered in sugar. Perfect!

Dracula Teeth

Fruit flavour chewy sweets in the shape of fangs. We also do a fizzy version.

It's impossible to eat these without putting at least one in your mouth and pretending to be a vampire. FACT!


Fruit Jellies

Wonderfully soft and fruity jellies covered in a sugar coating.

Fruit Salad Gums

Chewy fruit flavoured sweets in the shape of different fruits.

Giant Dolphins

A giant fruit flavoured dolphin with a foam base.

Team these with our Baby Dolphins and create your very own pod!


Haribo Cherries

Juicy red and green double cherries.

It's very easy to see why these are known as Happy Cherries - so very cherry!


Haribo Cola Bottles

Little cola-flavoured, bottle-shaped, two-tone chewy sweets.

The jelly sweets are also available in Giant, Fizzy and (you guessed it) Giant Fizzy!


Haribo Eggs

Fried egg shaped foam sweets with a little chewy, lemon flavoured yolk. A firm favourite!

Haribo Freaky Fish

Fruit flavour, colourful chewy sweets.

And as a bonus, while these may be fish shaped, they are 100% vegetarian friendly. Hurrah!


Haribo Friendship Rings

Cute little rings made of different coloured fruity jelly. Who remembers handing these out to all the boys and girls in their class?

These are great sweets for weddings and engagement parties!