Jelly Pizza

A jelly based pizza with all your favourite pick and mix toppings! Approx. 24cm wide.
glucose syrup
pork gelatine
fruit juice from concentrate: grape
glucose-fructose syrup
acids: citric acid, lactic acid
wheat flour
humectant: sorbitol
thickener: pectin
fruit and vegetable concentrates: safflower, elderberry, apple, pumpkin, radish, tomato
gelling agent: pectin
vegetable oil: palm kernel, coconut, palm
stabiliser: sorbitol
antioxidants: ascorbic acid, tocopherol-rich extract
colours: curcumin, anthocyanins, brilliant blue FCF, sulphite ammonia caramel, carmines, beta-carotene, paprika extract, vegetable carbon
glazing agents: carnauba wax; beeswax
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