Attention all Chocoholics! We have a great selection of chocolate sweets for you to buy. Select your classic favourite chocolate or perhaps try something new!

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Chewing Nuts

Small pieces of chewy toffee with chocolate flavoured coating.

Choc Lick

Tiny mixed crumbs of chocolate, nuts and candy.

Chocolate & Vanilla Fudge

Cubes of soft, creamy fudge with a layer of vanilla and a layer of chocolate.

Chocolate Cinder Toffee

Different sized pieces of honeycombe covered in milk chocolate.

Chocolate Fruits

A hard boiled fruit sweet with a chocolate centre. Each colour has a different flavour.

Chocolate Fudge

Cubes of soft, creamy chocolate flavoured fudge. Mouth watering!

Chocolate Ginger

Pieces of stem ginger covered in thick dark chocolate. Beautifully made by Sultans.

Chocolate Limes

An individually wrapped hard lime flavoured sweet with a milk chocolate centre.

Chocolate Nibbles

These combine milk chocolate, toffee biscuit and nuts to provide a delicious treat that is crunchy, chewy and covered in creamy chocolate!

Chocolate Peppermint Creams

A beautiful mint fondant covered in rich dark chocolate.

Chocolate Tools

Chocolate flavoured tool shaped candy, the perfect gift for the DIY lover in your life!

Chocolate Turkish Delight

Chunks of rose and lemon flavoured Turkish delight encased in delicious milk chocolate.