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SweetyRush – Return to the Good Old Days.

Years ago when many of us were young, our memories of sweets are of excitedly riding on our bikes to the local corner shop with our pocket money and getting as many sweets that money would buy. I remember that my favourites were sherbet lemons and rhubarb and custards. I would ask the shop keeper to measure out as many as my 50p pocket money would allow.

These days the nostalgic sweets of our childhoods do still exist, and have been teamed with new and novel sweets. The choice is now bigger than ever and there is no longer room on the corner shop shelves for such a wide choice of sweets. This is where SweetyRush comes in to help. We offer an online sweet shop where you can browse and choose your favourite sweets, from the old fashioned sweets such as Sherbet Pips and Pear Drops to the more modern Haribo Cherries and Smiley Faces Sweets.

We pride ourselves in offering low prices and good service ensuring that your sweet order is wrapped beautifully and arrives on time. The excitement of the sweet shop is still alive with SweetyRush and we hope to keep it that way for many years to come.

If you would like any further information about our sweets please contact us by filling out our enquiry form or by calling 01483 204567. Happy sweet shopping!