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American Hard Gums

Who doesn't love these fruity firm gummy sweets. Each colour a different flavour and covered in sugar - delicious!

Lion Wine Gums

Exactly as Wine Gums should be; hard, chewy gums packed with flavour. Made with natural colourings and flavourings.

Jelly Beans

So colourful, these chewy fruity beans are full of flavour!

Liquorice Allsorts

A very classic liquorice mixture, consisting of liquorice jelly buttons, coconut wrapped around liquorice, pure liquorice pieces and liquorice with fondant. Delicious!

Sherbet Lemons

A wonderful lemon hard boiled sweet with a sherbet centre.

Pear Drops

Who remembers their grandparents always having these in their pockets?

A delicious pear flavoured pink and yellow hard boiled sweet, perfectly dusted with sugar. A real classic!


Cough Candy Twist

If you're suffering with a sore throat this is the sweet for you!

It's lovely and soothing with a herbal flavour.

Also available in Sugar Free.


Sherbet Pips

A fruit flavoured hard boil that fizzes in your mouth!

Milk Chocolate Drops

Milk chocolate flavoured candy pieces - similar to Buttons!

Dark Chocolate Brazils

Brazil nuts (29%) covered with rich, smooth dark chocolate (71%).


Chocolate truffles with rum flavouring. The outside is covered in chocolate flavour hundreds and thousands - delicious!

Chocolate Fudge

Cubes of soft, creamy chocolate flavoured fudge. Mouth watering!

Barley Sugar

A sweet and soothing hard boiled sweet - an absolute classic!

These are individually wrapped, so perfect for when you're on the go.


Mint Toffee

Individually wrapped mint flavour toffees. Made by Walkers, the best around!

Clove Drops

Red and white striped, these hard boiled sweets are full of the flavour of cloves.

Mint Fondants

A smooth and cool minty taste in a soft sweet - these individually wrapped sweets melt in your mouth.

Dip Dabs

A sherbet dip with a strawberry flavour lolly.

A real retro classic!


Assorted Lollies

Colourful lollies in all kinds of fruity flavours.

Tubble Gum

Tubes of squeezable bubblegum.

Refreshers Roll

Fruity flavoured fizzy sweets. A real retro classic that will melt on your tongue!
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